Our Rosseau Store

Teeny weeny bikini co. opened in 2005 in the Historic Village of Rosseau, Muskoka. Fashion designer Ashley Eady decided to start a swimwear brand that was comfortable, cute, flattering to the real female figure and Made in Canada. She thought Muskoka was the perfect place to launch Twb co. Northern Ontario Cottage country to the core, but with a fresh vibe of Wake surfing culture. Being that Eady grew up as a cottager on lake Rosseau herself, she had a hard time giving up her summers to work in the city. And so the business was created. 

To Compliment the Twb co. collection, Eady carefully curates in other Canadian designers, Fair trade pieces, and Vintage gems, among other great trending brands from the globe.

Come into the boutique to have a bather fitting or shop all the other beauties we've brought together this season! Stock is always limited.

Open seasonally May-October 


Store Hours by season-

SPRING (May 19th / June 30th)  Thursday/Saturday: 10-5   Sunday: 10-4

 SUMMER (July 1rst / August 31rst)   Monday/Saturday: 10am-5    Sunday: 10am-4

 FALL (September 1rst / October 9th)   Saturday: 10-5    Sunday: 10-4